'We have come to destroy you!'

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Zherno'gore - Wielder of the Divine Light

Zherno'gore, the foremost acolyte of Stokahn Hammerhand has quickly established himself as a powerful force in the Scorpion Legion. His perfect control of pyromancy has already led to a fearsome reputation. Under the tutelage of both Hammerhand and Cylander he has become a terrifying psychological force on the battlefield, instilling fear and terror as he swoops in from the sky. With the flick of his wrist he can burn an entire field to ash or reduce a tank to a cinder. Those who have served along side him can attest to his fiery mood and vicious temper, a strange departure from the stoic, controlled demeanor most librarians must adopt to resist the temptations of the warp.

Conversion by Rottimus, Paintjob by Wimaro!

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