'We have come to destroy you!'

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Zherno'gore - Wielder of the Divine Light

Zherno'gore, the foremost acolyte of Stokahn Hammerhand has quickly established himself as a powerful force in the Scorpion Legion. His perfect control of pyromancy has already led to a fearsome reputation. Under the tutelage of both Hammerhand and Cylander he has become a terrifying psychological force on the battlefield, instilling fear and terror as he swoops in from the sky. With the flick of his wrist he can burn an entire field to ash or reduce a tank to a cinder. Those who have served along side him can attest to his fiery mood and vicious temper, a strange departure from the stoic, controlled demeanor most librarians must adopt to resist the temptations of the warp.

Conversion by Rottimus, Paintjob by Wimaro!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Come the Apocalypse - Faustian Schism

The black ship slid silently through the void. All lights dulled and all systems in low power. Stealth was of utmost concern. This area was crawling with enemy filth. The scout mission was tedious affair but vital. Captain Gall had very clear orders from Azeron. 'Monitor, listen, report'. Gall's thoughts were interrupted by an orderly carrying a data slate. 'Sir! We have something' Gall plugged the data slate into his captain's chair and brought up in the information. The signal was bad and fading.
'Run it!' shouted Gall. Hulking black armoured marines, the bridge guard, stood silent like statues behind him until the information flashed across the screen.

One immediately leapt forward and began analysing the signal 'Captain! It's Brother Cyrus' ID code! Open communications to Azeron immediately! We must make landfall on that location.’

Augers had revealed no immediate threat, so drop pods had been deemed wasteful by the techpriest. Twin Thunderhawks slid through the atmosphere like arrows cast into the morning mist. Black bodkins against miserable skies.

The first Thunderhawk, simply adorned and lacking the plethora of gilding and oaths of moment many other Astartes chapters preferred landed on the blasted rock. The planet segment, as it was best described lacked a true ecosystem, its atmosphere was little more than the movement of moisture. Thunder rumbled in the distance as the ramp slammed down casting dark dust into the air. The lack of heavier gravity made the motes of grey powder float, only to be disrupted by Gall walking through.

A Marine with an Auspex pointed the way, over a serrated crest of rocks. The second Thunderhawk roared overhead, remaining on station and circling the area for threats.

As Gall blazed over the hill, he brought up his pistol. Ahead, in the centre of what seemed to be a crater the size of a loading bay, stood a tall figure beside a crouching one.

Lamp packs engaged illuminating the shadows. The crouching figure was large enough to be an Astartes, though it’s armour was blackened, still showing the signs of mk7 pattern and a briefest flash of a red scorpion on the pauldron. The Marine was a Black Scorpion, Brother Cyrus if his beacon was to be believed. He was last seen entering the Necrontyr Duat, denying the enemy great gains and sacrificing himself to an unknown fate. Brother Cyrus, did not move. Though vapors from his vox grill showed life.

The taller figure standing by Cryus spoke:“Pax, Brothers.” the figure said, the words harsh sounding and strange coming from such a demonic figure. “I am Chapter Master Sevastus Kranon, of the former Crimson Sabres.” Red armoured and gilded with dirty metals, the horns and baleful helm lens’ had Gall’s team aiming at his head in seconds. A Traitor Marine!

“AUSPEX?” Gall barked.

“He is alone, my Lord.” Came the reply.

A dozen laser dot’s decorated the Chaos Lord’s helms as the entire squad held aim. Kranon had not been encountered in the Chapters history, yet his reputation was well known.

“Wait!” Shouted the Auspex bearer. “Augers detect several detonators in the area. Radiation too.”

“Twelve Deliverance pattern torpedos. I had them fired into the planetoid. Remote detonation.” Kranon said, shrugging. “One cannot be too careful.”

Commander Gall growled.

“Explain to me why I shouldn’t sacrifice all here to be sure of your death.” Gall asked. His anger at the trap was bordering on rage. His gauntleted fingers itched to fire.

Kranon was silent for a second. “The Codex Astartes? Axiom 12, regarding the sacrifice of troops: Weigh heavily on the value of the deaths of thy own forces when their deaths are required to accomplish the mission. Regard not just their singular worth bu-”

“-But also what they may yet accomplish if not sacrificed there and then. I know the line well, Traitor.” Gall interrupted.

Kranon cocked his head to one side. “Guilliman was untouchable a tactician, but questionable as an author.”

Gall’s fist clenched around his bolt pistols grip so hard he could feel the soft recoil-reduction skin peeling away. “Are you only here to insult primarchs?”

“No, indeed not.” Kranon said. He motioned to the crouching Brother Cyrus. “Firstly, I come offering a gift. Yours I believe? We found him, believe it or not, on the other end of the galaxy. I figured he might come in handy, but to see your heraldry. Well, it almost makes me want to believe in the benevolence of gods again.” He chuckled bitterly.

The commander breathed out slowly. “A trick. As everything you offer or say will be, Traitor.”

Kranon feigned offence “Can’t we just get along? Our paths are closer than you think after all, I would go so far as to say the only difference between thee and me is but one. Bad. Day.”
“SILENCE” Gall roared. “I know your history, traitor. The Crimson Sabres were once known for their fealty. But now, twisted, cursed and damned. All you think about is Slaugh-”

“Survival.” Kranon said, cutting him off. The word cutting through Gall’s hate with its sincerity. It sounded, despite the best efforts of the Chaos Lord’s helm, sad. “You don’t yet know what it is to fall. It is a quiet thing. Subtle and slow.”

Kranon turned to Brother Cyrus’ form. “He was found like this. In a Sus-an induced coma. You may find hexagrammic wards chiseled into his armour. This was a… courtesy. Our ship is known to corrupt.”

He gestured away from the scene. “Walk with me, commander, if you dare.”

Grunting, Gall followed the Chaos Lord. “Take him and begin examination.” He said to his men.

Pacing slowly across the dust, the two astartes, one fallen, one true, stomped tread marks into the ground as their cloaks flapped lazily in the low-g wind.

Suddenly Kranon stopped. “The 13th Crusade of Abaddon begins, within this very year. Abaddon seeks to end all things.” he said. “He has sent us to examine the goings on of the Emperors children. I know you are doing much the same but have better resources. I would have your findings. And in return, I will give you what I know of Abaddons intentions to your area of space.”

Gall almost laughed. “An interesting proposition, yet you betray and backstab even your new lords. What trust is left? You deserve nothing less than death a thousand times over. And why only our home? If it is a crusade you speak of, why not the plans against Terra?”

Kranon turned to face the loyalist. Archaic armour against Gall’s smooth. “Because like us, the Black Scorpions are survivors. We both know the Imperium is in its final days and when she turns on you, and she will, then you will be ready. Humanity before the Imperium, yes?. I know things my brother. I know of you and your chapter, I know of your sacrifice and honour...of glory untold… yet… the Imperium moves against you. Already now I can hear them grinding into action. What will you do when the hammer falls?’’ Kranon didn’t wait for an answer. “The Crimson Sabres once tried with all their might to be the best the Imperium had. For all our loyalty and our service we were spurned and when we needed help most, betrayed.”

His words bit deep into Gall’s soul. He could feel it. For all his failures Kranon spoke the truth. Gall knew well of the exemplary and fine work of the Crimson Sabres. Their tragedy was a tale of woe, a warning to all. A message that even the finest can fall. A message that there is no reward for the faithful, for the great brothers of the Astartes. Their purpose was once to die for the Emperor, now it was to die for the Imperium. ‘Only in death does duty end’ thought Gall. The Sabres embodied that motto fully, even in their now traitorous form. Part of him admired their stubbornness...

“Your words are meaningless traitor! You spat on all that we stand for: Our sacred oaths. You, are a coward for fleeing those oaths.” Gall said,  hand idly thumbing his power weapon. He forced those treacherous thoughts away and focused at the task at hand.

Kranon’s voice was a low grumble which rose to a frustrated growl. “I long for the day all your kind see your Imperium for what it truly is: An empty lighthouse. A soul furnace to vainly guide your ships in the encroaching night. The Imperium is a failing beast, dragging it’s back legs as it tries to fight on. I long for the day I see your face, screaming in horror at the truth of things. I can already see it. I can see your doubt… I can TASTE IT!”

Gall drew his sword in a blue sparking arc, ready to lunge. Kranon put his hand up, revealing the detonator and its dead man’s switch. ‘Careful now Captain… let us calm ourselves. We have vital information, you have vital information… let us make this simple exchange and we can save our war for another day’

A voice shouted into Kranon’s ear. “My Lord, long range augers detecting Xenos ships, Eldar pattern. Unmistakeable. They've detected us!” Kranon nodded, trying to control his breathing. He wasn’t hearing just one voice in his ear, but several now. Whispers of anguish and vengeance which would be soon a crescendo of malice driving him to unspeakable acts of mindless slaughter. He needed a fresh kill to regain his calm. The sweet souls of dying eldar would quench his thirst….for now’

He turned to Commander Gall, and noted his ship was most likely giving him similar information. The two figures immediately put distance between each other and backed away, weapons raised.

“Let us conclude this conversation another time, Commander.’ Kranon sneered. ‘The Eldar have come for us both! Let us see if your reputation is deserved!”

Gall turned swiftly and began barking orders. ‘This is Gall, Request immediate reinforcements on my position. Squads form up on the right flank, defence pattern Zulu-88. That Crimson traitor filth will be on us at the first opportunity! Dig in!'

 Metres away in the other direction, Kranon was already snapping out orders as well. “Bring up the Aegis, prepare for counter attack. The second we have the information we need, make corpses of those Scorpion meeklings. But first. The Eldar.”

Monday, October 31, 2016

The Battle of Ira

Azeron watched carefully as the drop pods streaked down through the thin atmosphere. Each streak an omen of ill tidings for whoever was looking up into the sky that night. 'We are coming' hissed Azeron. The battlefield holoview showed a large force. The misguided forces of that arrogant and foolish Krieg general were converging on something. Readings were strange but it was an item of some power indeed. Azeron had despatched Zaitus Meks, his best field commander, along with a conclave of immense power. Stokahn Hammerhand and his finest disciples would be landing in the heart of their forces. He would tear the heart out of the enemy. Despite all his confidence there was still a feeling doubt. Azeron paced back and forth. Chaplain Siobar, once his mentor, had fallen. The pious and rousing Chaplain had seen fit to condemn the entire chapter to heresy. He had thrown his lot in with these brigands, these false prophets. Azeron's world was shaken... how could a once proud marine like Siobar fall? What would cause him to abandon his brothers so callously? Azeron composed himself. He was about to broadcast his orders to the assaulting force.

'Brothers! Siobar has claimed we have abandoned the Codex Astartes. He claims we have fallen from the Emperor's light. He claims we have embraced dark forces! He... He who fights with the False Prophet. He who fights with preacher touched by the dark gods! It is time to erase this fool from existence! We fight with honour, we fight for the light and we fight for glory! Leave none of these heretics alive! Bring me the head of the traitor Siobar!'

pict 7b 116 - Plains of Ira - orbit 77b
Captain Harkol was viewing the battle through his scope. Vast explosions and thunderous fire echoed out over the ruined city. On his left a super heavy tank of some kind went critical. He was temporarily blinded by the white-hot flash. Debris launched hundreds of metres into the sky. The shockwave must have lifted the chimera off the ground. Harkol felt his bones rattle. Harkol couldn't help but feel the Scorpions had made a tactical error. Charging head-long into the teeth of these misguided guardsmen was a fools errand. Beset by revenge, Azeron had abandoned tactical doctrine thought Harkol. It was chaotic. oOders and comms came in at an impossible rate. All harkol could do was relay co-ordinates as calmy as possible. His artillery crews were well trained. The quad guns chattered away sending artillery shots far into the distance. With each barrage the battle field cacaphony was lessening. They were hitting their targets. It was going to be a long day. 

Hammerhand sat still in the ruined command post, his hands slick with dark blood. The torn corpses of his enemy lay strewn about. The thudd of  single bolter shots rang out sporadically as his remaining marines dispatched the wounded survivors. Hammerhand gazed into the palms of his hands, He could see his reflection in the slick red blood. His terrifying visage was something to behold. 'Has it really come to this he thought' as he looked around at the guardsmen he'd slaughtered.  He thought of the False Prophet, that priest who had caused so much chaos with only his words. It wasn't guilt or regret. Just sadness... a tragedy. He had personally vanquished Siobar, his old friend, with a burst of pure psychic energy so powerful it ravaged the very fabric of space. There were still a number of traitor Scorpions that had escaped. One of them would no doubt take up the mantle. This wasn't over yet.

His thoughts were interrupted by the hulking terminators of the 1st Cohort. They were carrying a huge golden blade, the very thing the Krieg were after. It had been exposed by the winds. Strange voices called out to any who passed it. A strange item indeed thought Hammerhand. He wrapped his bloodied hands around the handle and held it aloft, inspecting the keen edge of the might sword. The blood on his hands seemed to be absorbed into the handle. Hammerhand felt something, pride, strength....power! Hammerhand heard the voice that had plagued him for months. 'yessss...yessss.... now we can finally begin' He silenced the voice. It was but a nuisance. He remembered the dying words of that blue armoured warlock he disemboweled on Warren's End. He remembered the gurgling low gothic the filthy witch uttered 'Beware your fate horned one, within you... two of darkness and one of light...what grows... you must decide'

 'My lord' said the sergeant nearby. 'We have the prisoners we need for interrogation. Enemy force neutralised. Some retreated into the valley to the east. Orders?'
Hammerhands eyes glowed brighter than usual as he gazed into the blade. 'Pursue them, leave none alive'

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Faustian Schism - Opening Battle - Space Marines vs Imperial Guard (traitor) 7000 pts

So, after the long and harrowing Faustian Campaign, which resulted in a rich tapestry of happenings, rivalries and revelations we move on to the next chapter of our story. The Faustian Schism - The aftermath and consequences of the original campaign. Ere' we go!

Forces 7000 pts

Thomas - Imperial Guard(Krieg traitors!)

Thomas brought a huge horde of guardsmen, 3 superheavies, a tank company, sentinels galore, 4 basilisks, stormtroopers etc etc. The list goes on. You can imagine the sheer number of models in 7000 points. A strong formation of superheavies along with other formations allowed him to bring a FEARSOME amount of firepower to the board. Time would tell. A point of interest was Chaplain Siobar and a Squad of Traitor Black called loyalists that had defected to the Krieg, spewing lies about a corrupted parent chapter!

Rottimus - Black Scorpion Space marines with Allied Guard

My army featured a Gladius strike force, A 10th company scout force, an allied combined arms imperial guard detachment and small force of 'counts as' blood angels. A Cerastus Knight Atrapos would be my Lord of War. The alpha strik would be a sky hammer annihilation formation along with a librarius conclave. (I'd need some librarians to fend of the chaos tainted Krieg Army)

Thomas rolled for picking sides. He rolled a 1. Thomas is famous for rolling 1's. Would this be a sign of things to come?

A dire omen?

The Mission: The mission would be a standard maelstrom game (pick up to three cards each turn) along with some extra things. Due to the size of the game we decided to add some extra stuff to the proceedings. His home objective, and my home objective would be worth 3 victory points at the end of the game if one of us could steal it from the other! His home objective, an ancient grail, recently excavated. I would hold an injured krieg general, with vital intel. In addition we would have a relic in the middle, a strange sword of immense power! (using normal relic rules with some added campaign fluff for those interacting with it) 

Turn 1

Thomas won the roll of to go first and my seize the intiative failed. I winced and watched as the battle line to end all battle lines erupted in a thunderous barrage!

Thomas' forces marched out and onwards. A veritable HORDE of guardsmen in various forms strode forward into the fray. Thomas had deployed the 3 superheavies, a Baneblade, Shadowsword and Hellhammer together on the left flank. On the right, a sqaudron of Leman russes would be challenging the knight and pushing against the holy church I was holding.

The armour holds true!
The lines erupted. The superheavies went to work. With such a sheer amount of firepower I was expected to be blown half to hell. Thomas removed about 18 hull points in total from almost all my vehicles. Many shaken, stunned and damaged. He wrecked a razorback and killed a handful of guardsmen and space marines. On his left flank his tanks opened up, the razorbacks and rhinos proved suprisingly resilient. Lots of penetrating hits but poor rolling on the damage table, stunning of shaking most of them. My linebreaker squadron took a ton of hits removing hull points and shaking them. No big blast from them next turn.

Sally Forth!
 With the shooting turn over I realised I'd fared fairly well. All my razorbacks were essentially out of action but their precious cargo was safe. My vehicles were now all left mostly with 1 hull point left. I moved forward and tried to push the flank round behind the Arbites Bastion/Precinct.

My drop pods came howling down as per usual. The audible groan from Thomas was salty indeed.
The skyhammer formation came down along with the librarius conclave. The Hellhammer fires a stg10 ap1 huge blast that ignores cover. My techmarine boosted cover would be negated by it. It had to die!!

The psychic phase started. A primaris, an astropath, two libarians, tigurius and mephiston, 10 warp charges! I cast santuary, giving my 3+ storm shield command squad a 2+ instead (+1 to saves), Thomas, with his single warp charge... DENIES IT! I the cast subvert machine, which fails. I then cast warp armour giving my squad +1 toughness... the last power? Vortex of DOOM. It works and takes 3 hull points off the Hellhammer.

Multi meltas, and artillery stripped further hull points, enough to destroy it. The explosion scatters away not damaging anything.

The Vortex of Hammerhand!
 Further down the line, the 2nd devastator squad with multi meltas stripped a ton of hull points off the shadowsword. With 3 left, the last function vanquisher took aim, fired, HIT, and rolled a 6 on the damage table causing a catastrophic meltdown, a titanic explosion erupted killing a swathe of guardsmen. So far the blow had been harsh but the battle line was ready to strike back!

I got objective 1 and Thomas got first blood


Danger in the lines!

a smoking crater!
 Turn 2

Turn 2 saw thomas' reinforcments arrive in the form of a vendetta and a hellhound. The movement phase saw him push further out toward the relic. The vortex of doom still swirling moved back towards my libarians. Libarian Hestius was sucked into the warp! No!
Moving out!
 Thomas opened fire and destroyed about 3-4 transports, revealing more marines. The casualties began to mount. My brave guardsmen suffered at the hands of suprisingly effective mortars. about 15 space marines were cut down. A vindicator blown sky high. The worst blow was my tank commander and squadron mate were wrecked by the baneblade and other combined fire. The hellhound roasted about 7 scouts. 5 assault marines were gunned down by massed lasgun fire.

The Vindicare assassin Thomas had somehow bribed into fighting for him took aim and sniped a librarian, a brave command squad shield leaped in the way of the danger saving him.

All in all an effective round of shooting. A fair amount of damage done, blunting my attack. If I didn't make an adjustment I would see myself running out of troops.

The knight moves out!
I moved out with my knight, sending him out to try and harry Thomas' flank. My scouts and and remaining marines down by the precinct pushed out. I had a pincer move going to try and take the Chalice (thomas home objective, worth 3 points at the end of the game).

Charge forward!
The knight opened up and roasted a demolisher leman russ.  My lines shot back and guardsmen fell by the bucket load. A combined force of sternguard, multimeltas, thunderfires and an newly arrived stormraven pummeled the Baneblade. The explosion rocked the battlefield killing a command squad marine and some heavy weapon teams.

Zaitus peered out of the small crack in the wall. The battlefield a violent scene of explosions, shouting and beams of death streaking back and forth. The librarians ahead were embroiled in a fierce battle. Energies and strange magicks boiled around them. 'Hammerhand can handle himself' thought Zaitus. He saw a streak of fire zip across and strike the shield of marine guarding Hammerhand. An Assassin! In the distance in a tall tower, Meks' eagle eye sight caught the figure crouching in the dark window. The barrel of the sniper's gun was visible... an exitus rifle. Unmistakable!. Zaitus took aim and snapped a shot into the window. The figure reeled backwards and the rifle rose up and clattered off the window frame. Whoever had been in there had been hit, and hit badly. Zaitus rolled away instantly and searched for another position.

Zaitus Wraithsbane took aim and sliced a wound off the vindicare in an epic sniper battle. The conclave demolished a squad of guardsmen recently (foolishly) disembarked from a chimera.

I scored secure objective 3 and blood and guts for 2 points. Thomas scored 1 for 'fix bayonets' (charge something)


The Conclave strikes back!

Pushing around the back

The Baneblade explodes
Turn 3

Thomas turn saw his scout sentinels outflank me and arrive right in the corner of my back line. Thomas forces were badly mauled but so were mine. I focussed so heavily on his super heavies that tons of his forces were still in the fight!

He promptly blew up my manticore. He killed more marines and destroyed my remaining two vindicators. My pressure on his right flank was now blunted. Only the knight remained. His scout sentinels were also suddenly in my back lines!

Flank attack is halted!

Sneaky bastards!

Thomas' own artillery took destroyed more razorbacks, my army was now transportless and marines were exposed all over the place. Thomas drew difficult cards and scored no objectives this turn. 

As you can see from the pictures above my lines were beginning to be sparse with vehicles. The heavy weapons of the Krieg taking their toll. I would need to capitalise here to eliminate the things still threatening me. The psychic phase started.

Stokahn Hammerhand saw him across the smokey battlefield. Chaplain Siobar! That filthy traitor! Haughty and arrogant. He believed he knew the true path, he believed we had strayed from his own dogmatic ignorance. It was time to end it... and end it now! Stokahn stretched his arms out wide. His mind delved into the etherium, his eyes glowing with a fearsome power...He summoned all his strength and with a swing of his arms he brought down a blue swirling maelstrom of pure energy upon Chaplain Siobar's head! The chaplain screamed as his was torn apart by the fearsome energies. The guardsmen of the Krieg cowered at the sight of the horned figure of Hammerhand.

A vortex of doom did it's work. Chaplain Siobar is no more! We began to run out of time and rushed through the next few round of shooting. We focussed on the objectives. I eliminated more threats, like the basilisks and remaining tanks! My quad cannons cycled round and promply annhiliated the scout sentinels in my rear. I brought the Vendetta down getting scour the skies. My terminators moved out and secured the relic, forgoing any shooting to inspect the strange sword! In the assault phase they charged the 3 sentinels, smashing them to pieces!

The knight moved forward and D'ed the Vindicare to death!

The conclave of libarians charged into the command squad! Preacher hopkins sang his hyms saving the command squad from some devastating close combat. (he gave them re-roll invul saves!) Stokahn Hammerhand (meph) challenged the preacher to a challenge!

Hammerhand leapt over the sandbags, the command squad was ready and counter charged. Hammerhand shoulder barged a guardsman into the wall and ended up in front of the preacher like a predator. He stared deeply into the preachers eyes, tasting his very soul. The priest soiled himself as he stood still in fear. Hammerhand leapt upon him digging his hands into his neck, ripping out his throat. He then clasped his hands round the preachers gurgling head and wrenched forcefully, tearing his head off is gorey splash. 

The rest of the command squad fared well and avoided damage. Taking only a wound in addition to the the priest dieing horribly. Thomas made most of his 5+ re-rollable invul saves.

I scored scour the skies and objective 2


Turn 4

In an epic last ditch attempt to rescue the general in my custody Thomas dropped in 30 scions. They landed squarely in the church in a brave vainglourious attemt to secure the general! It was not to be. His hot shot lasguns downed a fair amount of marines in the church, taking them by surprise but the squad of ogryns were unharmed, shrugging off the small arms fire! They would be angry! Thomas began to see the end coming. He had few objectives he could achieve so he bravely fought on like only a Krieg Commander can. More marines fell but in the wrong places!

The Scions arrive!

Rescue the VIP

The command squad was finally torn apart. The priests hymns could no longer save them. Slay the Warlord!

The Terminators sally forth as the tacticals inspect the sword relic

Things looked grim for Thomas. By now we were WAY over time and decided to fight the last close combats. I had some objective cards that were very good. Purity through bloodshed, kill stuff in close combat! Hungry for glory - issue challenges! and Kingslayer!

I automatically got king slayer for 2 points. I killed about 7 tiny remnants in close combat getting 3+D3 for Purity through bloodshed, and I managed to issue 3 challenges meaning another D3.

The scions in the church were over run by the angry ogryns!

The church clear of scions! OGRYNS BLEAAHHHHH!

I had taken Thomas' home objective, the holy Grail, I had also taken the relic meaning turn 4 resulted in wholly 15 victory points.

RESULT:  20-2 Black Scorpion Victory

A sparse battlefield!

a costly victory!


Pro victoria etiam tenebrarum dominis aka Totally not Heresy

First off, it was impossible to cover all the things that happened in a 7000 pt game. I tried to include the good bits. Being hungover doesn't help either :)

An EPIC game. That term is sometimes thrown around too lightly but this was great. Superheavies and rivalries! The traitorous chaplain met a fitting end being destroyed by warp vortex! The command squad of the Krieg cut down by those they hated most, the warp-tainted conclave was tasty. The brave last stand/rescue of the kidnapped general by the scions was something out of a michael bay movie. Their end was sad tho, smashed to pieces by club wielding ogryns!

The game was intense! The opening turns were devastating. It was by no means the crushing victory the points seem to suggest. It was tit for tat battle all the way until the end. The last turn was simply a back-breaker. Thomas had so many remnants that I could pick and chose to get the most from my cards (which were lucky draws) I basically, very cynically charged into 3 guardsmen here, and 5 guardsmen there, and that chimera with 1 hull point left and so on.

I have to say, I'm happy with my tactics. I pressed both flanks pretty hard. Supported by relentless artillery and decent targetting I managed to get in close. Thomas decimated my Gladius strike force taking out about 60 marines, 8 razorbacks, 2 leman russes, 3 vindicators and 2 landspeeders and a manticore. That being said, taking out the superheavies early was a harsh blow but it had to be done, there were just too dangerous.

The librarius conclave is OP. With Tigurius being allowed to re-roll failed psychic tests, harness warp charges at 2+ and also being allowed to re-roll what powers he gets, you can almost guarantee results in a game where nothing is supposed to be guaranteed.

MASSIVE thanks to Thomas for being probably the best sport the game has ever seen.

BONUS: Thomas LOVES plasma, Thomas also rolls 1's like a champion. This time he did quite well and managed to make his armour save a lot. The days plasma overheating casualties:

Friday, September 30, 2016

September Pledge! - Mega update

 So, September came along and many of us had put our 40k away and taken a break. With mountains of unpainted grey plastic we decided to do a month long pledge to choose and paint up as much as we could. I chose a ton of stuff, shoot for the stars and all that. It went well! Some rushed stuff but I'm all about the table top these days. Nice and neat, no fancy stuff. So here goes!

Ravager Pattern Salvo Cannon

The Ravager pattern salvo cannon is a rotary, multi-barrelled cannon capable of vicious destruction. Designed by Chapter Master Kaine himself it combines several techonologies which have resulted in a versatile, powerful weapon. The cannon, with each salvo, fires either air bursting shells full of razor sharp shrapnel or energised armour shattering shells. The weapon itself is one of many strange new weapons that have recently been used by the Scorpions, garnering yet more suspicion and tension with regards to its origin. The enemies of the Scorpions, those few that have escaped, have learned a lesson. Inevitably, assaulting the Scorpion positions results in a devastation cannonade of fire. Explosions and thunderous ruin wracks the attackers with ruinous power.

42nd 'Duke's Own' Airborne Anti-Tank Battalion

The 42nd are a small, elite force of anti-tank troops. During the Volgus Ork Cleansing, the Arcturan Expeditionary Forces encountered increasing amounts of gargants and battlewagons. Eventually the veterans of the crusade became very adept at destroying vehicles and machines. After the crusade was finished General Duke Krastus formed the 42nd. A a force comprised of the most talented and capable veterans of the campaign. The 42nd now assigns strike teams to the various regiments, conducting missions behind enemy lines, taking out and destroying the warmachines of the enemy. They fly in on specially modified Valkyrie drop ships and drop in at key points armed with fusion weapons and steely courage.

The Al-Kurdush Irregulars

The hardy and honourable people of the parched Al-Kurdush plains have served the Black Scorpions for many years now. They are hardy, capable and resourceful troops. The regiments raised are often rag-tag and irreverent. Strict regimens, rules and regulations are not things respected by the Al-Kurdush; their warrior traditions are more important. Despite this they operate effectively along side the Arcturan regiments as scouts and forward sentries. Many an enemy have been surprised by their tenacity. Al-Kurdush warriors will fight most viciously when the odds are against them.

There are 2 more squads of 20 which I completed a long time ago. This command squad means I have a nice 25 man blob of cannon fodder.

Emperor's Wrath Artillery Company

It's not secret that the regiments of Arcturus and the surrounding planets are keen users of artillery. This prediliction is best represented in the many artillery companies that tend to support the vicious advances of the Scorpions. Hell is unleashed by rows upon rows of long cannons and earth shattering rockets. Each company commander is directly linked to frontline forces and can provide incredibly accurate firepower at the the perfect moment. They live by the adage: Rifles win fights, Tanks win battles, Artillery wins wars. 

This vehicle counts as Chimera. Along with the tech-priest it forms the last pieces needed to form an Emperor's Wrath Artillery company which features 3 basilisks and a manticore. I found an extra commissar in my bits box and painted him up too.

 Landespeeder storm and Scouts

This is my 3rd and final Landspeeder storm. They're nice and cheap and very useful on the battlefield. Mediocre paint job but then again, they explode in turn 2 almost always

Final and 3rd squad for my large platoon

This is the last squad of 10 men. I now have a platoon of 30 with autocannons and flamers. Ready to hold the line! The whole platoon looks great on the field. Will get full army pictures soon.